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Bulk Liquid & Hazardous Chemicals Transport

KC Industries Trucking (KCIT) specializes in transporting bulk liquid and hazardous chemicals, including Ammonia, Sulfuric Acid, Alum, Ferric Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, Aqua Ammonia and more. (For a complete chemical and equipment list, click here.) The company provides service to clients throughout the Gulf South, Southeast and Central United States with deliveries as far west as the Colorado Rockies and as far north as New York State.

KCIT owns a variety of trailers to meet highly specialized needs including stainless steel, lined carbon-steel and pressure vessels for ammonia. All KCIT drivers (employees and contract drivers) are Hazmat certified and receive extensive hands-on training specifically designed to ensure safe hauling of hazardous chemicals. They are professionals in their field and experts in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), detailed loading and unloading requirements, and the proper implementation of emergency procedures.

Bulk Liquid and Hazardous Chemical Transport is KCIT’s core business and the company is committed to do it safely and reliably. For general information and quotes, please use the Contact form or call the Corporate Office at 863-425-2252.


If your business relies on specialized trucks for on-time delivery of your products at the most efficient cost, KC Industries Trucking (KCIT) is your competitive edge. The company offers truck and trailer leasing to suite your transportation needs. Whether it’s a short or a long-term contract, KCIT can provide a customized, safe and reliable solution. Call the Corporate Office today at 863-425-2252 to discuss your options or use the Contact form.


KC Industries Trucking (KCIT) will load and deliver your raw materials and finished product to and from major ports, warehouses, or outdoor facilities designed for transloading. At its Florida Terminal, KCIT operates its own on-site rail siding. This provides a controlled environment and flexible hours to meet a variety of customer needs. Whether it’s our transloading facility or yours, KCIT will safely receive your product for transloading into trucks, totes and drums.

For additional information on KCIT’s Transloading Services, please use the Contact form or call the Corporate Office at 863-425-2252.

Dedicated Fleet Operations

With KC Industries Trucking (KCIT) Dedicated Fleet arrangement, you operate as an independent fleet owner, freeing you to apply human and financial resources to your core business. Our transportation and logistics specialists study the operational aspects of your business to determine, with you, the most efficient and cost effective methods to optimize your business.

KCIT’s Dedicated Fleet Operation is also an effective way for companies looking to replace or supplement existing fleet resources. This may include a need to meet increased seasonal demands or to ensure guaranteed deliveries for increased business. KCIT will deliver to your customers, plants, and distribution centers on your behalf.

The Dedicated Fleet Operation offered by KCIT ensures you’ll be able to seamlessly meet the constantly changing demands of the market. Call the Corporate Office today at 863-425-2252 to discuss your options or use the Contact form.